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What Makes Your Project a Success?

Planning, Planning and Planning!

This is how we achieve your project plan.

Experience tells us that generally a project consists of the three components, the land, the building and habitation or your personal finishes and requirements.

We work with you to understand what you wish to achieve with your construction project.

This involves:

  • accessing your project budget,
  • working through the suitability of your site, or helping you to select a site and it’s compatibility with your preferred building design,
  • if you don’t have a design or need modifications to the design you have in mind, we will work through this process with you to incorporate the wanted features,
  • your budget is critical during this process to make sure that your project is compatible with the funds that you have available, hence the reason we commence with accessing your budget,
  • we now get actual costings to construct your building project.

The next phase is to work with you to establish budgets for all the items that you need to make your building habitable. We discuss your ideas and make suggestions for the following items, so that your budget reflects your ambitions for the completed project:

  • Flooring,
  • air conditioning,
  • window treatments,
  • lighting,
  • communications hardware,
  • security systems,
  • solar systems,
  • landscaping,
  • paving and driveway,
  • a pool,
  • a court,
  • retaining walls,
  • fencing and gates,
  • decking,
  • garden lighting,
  • and all the other things that you may wish to incorporate into your project.

You now will have a more complete idea of the overall funding required to enable you to move into a completed project. If the budget and the plan don’t match we will work with you to come up with solutions to make sure that you are able to fund your project. The best time to get this equation right is before you start. The strength of the planning is the secret to a smooth running project. We work with you throughout the construction phase to make sure that you have sufficient information to make informed decisions on material and fitting selection and on the suppliers that you will work with.

Even the best planned projects can have unforeseen circumstances arise that will impact on your overall cost so we always build a contingency sum into your budget to give you a hedge against cost blowouts.

The final phase is to pull all these elements together and get your project built and have you enjoying it in a timely fashion with the least tension possible.

If you would like some friendly advice, we offer a free initial consultation. Book an appointment, at our office or at a time and location that suits you.


  • You must plan, plan and plan!
  • Strength of your planning is the key to a smooth project
  • A project has 3 components - The land, the building and the habitation/personal finishes requirements
  • Establish your budgets for everything before you start
  • Make sure your budget and your project ambitions match. We can help you with this!
  • Have a budget contingency plan to tackle unforeseen circumstances which may impact your project
  • Pull all these elements together and get your project built!